Guards your outdoor spaces from external noise, temperature and intruders
Design that enhances the look and security of your outdoor spaces
Fully customizable materials of the highest quality and durability
High quality architectural supplies for terraces and gardens

Additional Products


Domes, Pergolas, Guardrails, Glass Shower Doors and Rolling Shutters provide security and beauty to your home.


European Rolling Shutters

Aluminum and PVC blinds are commonly used in Europe because of their elegant style and ability to seamlessly harmonizes with both modern architecture and traditional design. Its opening can be automated with silent engine technology and is a product with a focus on sustainability and design thanks to quality including:
• Safety and security
• Thermal and acoustic insulation
• Solar control
•Energy saving
•Wind resistance
• Total light reduction
• Aesthetic and visual elegance
• Weatherproof

Pool Domes and Garden Pergolas

Beautify your outdoor spaces with pergolas for pools, terraces and gardens. Our PVC pergolas are designed with German technology to perfectly suit any outdoor spaces to where you would like to enhance the outdoor environment. Unlike wood, Fensteq PVC pergolas do not require maintenance as they are resistant to natural elements. Pergolas can even offer glass ceilings to provide bright spaces that are protected from weather for excellent functionally.
Additional, we offer pool, patio, terrace and garden domes that are designed to meet the requirements of each project. They can be used to maintain a comfortable temperature levels, reduce noise, save energy, increase security or simply be a decorative architectural element.

Guardrails and Glass Shower Doors

We design, manufacture and install tempered glass railings for stairs and terraces, and bathroom fixtures including enclosed showers and sliding doors. Our tempered glass solutions are idea for range projects, for both residential and commercial use. We have a wide range of designs and imported fittings to suit any architectural style, and our qualified staff will execute the project professional and detailed manner.

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