Protect your home and your family's health from insects and pests
Materials of highest quality and durability: PVC, fiberglass, aluminum
Functional, customized designs
Easy installation and adaptability



Protect your home from insects with these versatile screens, adaptable to a variety of surfaces and structures.

Magnetic Screens

Innovative and unobtrusive design, magnetic screens are ideal for any type of window. They are easily to clean and maintain thanks to easy removal but offer the flexibility and durability that comes with fiberglass and PVC construction.

Retractable Screens

An excellent solution for doorways, our retractable screens feature a smooth sliding system and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Pleated Screens

Elegant and ideal for doors and or large openings, pleated screens offer easy operation and a timeless look.

Fixed Screens

Simple and functional, these screens are manufactured to fit your windows.

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