Railings are a necessary element in essentially any staircase. Naturally, the main factor for installing a guardrail  is safety since it provides necessary support for people to climb and descend in the safest way – especially for children, seniors, or someone who has been injured.

Not only does a railing provide safety and support, but it also contributes to the aesthetics of a staircase. Whether the stairs are located in an office, a home, or an open space, railings are completely visible points from essentially every point of view – so their style should consist with the rest of the area in question, as well as suit the taste of the person who owns the space.

At Fensteq, in addition to having a large number and variety of PVC doors and windows, we also offer other architectural elements such as glass railings, which will give your house a different and more sophisticated look while at the same time providing the security of a railing made of a resistant material.

Furthermore, a railing made primarily of glass can contribute favorably to the brightness of an area, especially if there are few windows – it can provide the feeling of a more breathable, open space by being able to see through the glass.

This type of railing can provide a great look to either a closed room or an open air terrace, but it is important to make sure this type of design will go with the style of the rest of the space. This is why we have a wide range of designs and fittings that will perfectly adapt to whatever your needs and tastes are.

Each element of a home has a functional purpose, but it has an aesthetic purpose as well – railings are no exception.

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