Sliding doors are an architectural element that can introduce many benefits to your home. These doors are very different compared to traditional doors, and are highly recommendable in some places within the home, especially open spaces.

In places such as balconies and gardens for example, the placement of a traditional door can deprive the interior room of receiving sufficient sunlight, as well as the opportunity of admiring the aesthetics of outside which are more pleasing to the eye. Sliding doors don’t only provide more light and visibility, but they also introduce an element of spaciousness to your interior space.

Sliding doors share two purposes: the first as an access point and the second as a window – with all the advantages and functionalities of both. On hot days it can provide freshness to the interior, and can be reinforced with a mosquito net to avoid the entrance of insects or dust.

In addition, there are different types of sliding doors, which can be adapted to all kinds of needs; from swing doors to large doors to folding doors. Fensteq sliding doors also serve as thermal insulation, which will help reduce the use of artificial weather tools and help reduce costs. You will also get acoustic insulation, so your home can be a place where you can rest and spend moments of tranquillity.

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