We live in a world where the word “change” is used with increasing frequency.

Change takes place in virtually all areas that concern the human being and architecture is no exception.

The future of architecture is exciting, as new innovations are seen that will allow the human being to take full advantage of technological advances, but at the same time will seek to return to the origins, becoming more aware of the global and climatic changes that have affected the planet during the last decades 

That is why all kind of buildings now seek, in addition to innovation and style, sustainability and being friendly with the environment,

The eco-cities have ceased to be a dream and are slowly becoming reality, with open spaces where to maximize the use of renewable energy, and the construction of green areas in any space that can be used.

The planning of these cities is also made in a way that less and less people have to use car, and that, with an efficient public transport system, can reduce the emission of pollution into the atmosphere.

Of course, the materials with which the buildings are built have also changed, and now it is sought that every type of building is constructed with materials that do not harm the environment.

It is there where materials such as PVC come in, a polymer plastic that in turn has undergone different transformations to become a durable, durable and above all, non-polluting material.

PVC is used in doors and windows like the ones you can find in Fensteq, which guarantee a luxurious and esthetic appearance in your home, office or anywhere you want to install them, durability, once the process is completed in which they take the desired shape, maintain their strength and resistance over the years and above all, safety, since the German PVC with which our products are manufactured follow the highest standards and do not contain lead or any other harmful material.

The human being evolves by leaps and bounds and that evolution has made him become aware of the damage that is being done to the planet. That is why now the architectural trends not only focus on the visual aspect but also on safety and not damage the environment.

At Fensteq we are aware of these changes, which is why we have chosen the German PVC as the material from which most of our products are made, and at the same time we offer you different options that will keep the luxury in your property and compromise with the environment.

Learn more benefits and architectural solutions with Fensteq.

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