Mexico is a growing and developing country. More than 100 million inhabitants presently call Mexico their home, and the continuous increase in population is creating a great need for housing, office, and all kinds of businesses.

This means that more and more architectural developments are being planned and built to cater to the growing population in large cities. Complexes are being designed that will provide housing, work space, and entertainment to thousands of people who are looking for less of a commute and peaceful living in places such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey.

In the capital city, where more than 20 million inhabitants reside when including the surrounding urban areas, a great amount of developments are being designed and constructed.

For all kinds of construction, doors and windows are of vital importance to provide lighting to a space, as well as visibility and security. Other elements like the acoustic or thermal insulation provided by PVC doors and windows by Fensteq are also very important. Made with German PVC, our doors will give the security you need for your house or apartment, and will help to maintain ideal internal temperature.

Our PVC windows are also just as effective, with significant outdoor acoustics reduction that will give you more peace of mind in your home regardless of whether it’s located on a busy avenue. They will also help maintain temperature which will result in signification savings in terms of air conditioning or heating.

Cities in Mexico are growing by leaps and bounds, and people are becoming aware of architectural benefits and solutions they can incorporate into their new home – so that it becomes a safe and pleasant space where they can live in peace and tranquility.

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