Terraces and gardens don’t have to be remote places in a house. The architecture used for the construction of these areas on a property is vital in making them places of inclusion and not isolated. On sunny days, for example, terraces can work as the ideal connection between the indoor living room and allow better contact with the outdoors providing freshness to a home and allowing ventilation.

At Fensteq, we know the importance of connecting all the spaces in your home and making it more spacious, as well as your desire to take advantage of every nook and cranny. That’s why to better the connection of closed areas with outdoor spaces, we recommend that you install a Multi-sliding sliding door.

 “A sliding door can provide a greater feeling of spaciousness in your home and allows you to connect different areas of your house depending on the weather.”

– They can fit large spaces without losing their smooth glide

– The rails can be inlayed to the floor to allow an unhindered passage

– It supports all types of glass

– They work as architectural solutions in providing a clean aspect


Sliding doors

They provide harmony to spaces and allow your closed areas to feel more spacious


They work as a temperature regulator when you use double-pane glass


They have a great variety of fittings and veneers that adapt to the style of your house

They naturally allow greater air circulation



The finishes and colors vary, depending on your preferences and needs


They don’t need a lot of maintenance


Finding an effective architectural solution for your home is easier than it looks. At Fensteq, we have PVC doors and special Multi-sliding doors, which allow you to make the best use of the spaces between the closed and open areas, and give greater visibility to your home.

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