The installation of a new door or window in your home, office or elsewhere, is typically done with the intention of not having to do so again for a very long time.

The German PVC doors and windows that we have at Fensteq, are manufactured with the latest technology of plastic polymer that ensures durability.

Nevertheless, durability does not mean that maintenance is not required, basic regular attention will help to extend duration for a much longer period of time.

Simple actions like the use of a damp cloth may seem insignificant but in the long run, this kind of maintenance helps your doors and windows maintain their functionality. Furthermore, occasionally you’ll have to replace some of the components that are not necessarily made of PVC, such as windowpanes, spare parts, or in the sealing mechanisms to prevent water or noise.

As for the structural components, the passage of time and daily use of your door window may result in the necessity for the occasional professional servicing such as lubrication, deep cleaning, or adjustments.

All of these services can be found at Fensteq, where not only do we ensure the most efficient installation of our products, but we also follow-up with the availability of any of the services or replacements previously mentioned. We offer you the most professional attention and service so that your house always has doors and windows that not only keep looking like new, but also keep working like the first day you had them installed.

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