imaHave you ever stopped to think about the importance of doors and windows? It is obvious that every home and practically any building must have these two elements, but there are several reasons why they may be perhaps the most important elements of all.

More often than not, both doors and windows go unnoticed, even though these elements provide several factors such as security, lighting, and visibility to a structure.

Doors, for example, are clearly the entrance and exit points of each room or of the building itself. But a door is also the main element of security – a strong and sturdy door will provide peace of mind to the people who are residing within the home.

PVC doors like the ones you will find at Fensteq are adapted to withstand any weather and provide all kinds of security so that you and your family can live worry-free. The strength of the material, combined with its durability, results in a door that can last for decades while maintaining its solidity without requiring any major maintenance.

Windows are the element that provide visibility of the outdoors, and serve as the main regulator of natural light within the home. A window placed in the right place can provide many benefits, from temperature regulation to light management. They serve as an architectural element that provides beautiful views both from inside the home and from the way your house is perceived from the outside.

Our PVC windows have different elements that make them your ideal choice, in addition having a great a variety of designs available that will adapt perfectly to your needs and taste.

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