The architectural solutions that you will find in Fensteq, are fabricated with materials from the latest generation and from the best quality. Our PVC doors and PVC windows, besides pergolas, domes, rails, and other products that you will find here, guarantee function for a long time without needing an abundance of maintenance or care.

But every once in a while, it is necessary to do maintenance services for more important things, to be sure that you maintain them in thier optimum condition, both the materials, as well as the moving parts.

At Fensteq, we count on a team of professionals that will be in charge of leaving your doors, windows, and other elements such as if they were recently hung. Just as with our products, we count on the highest quality in our services, because we know the importance of your home, office or any other important site staying in the best state for you.

 “Our maintenance services assure the durability and optimal functionality of all your architectural elements.”

With our maintenance services, you can be assured of:

-Durability of your architectural elements

-Lubrication of joints and moving parts

-Window substitution

-Perimeter resealing

-Adjusting the items

Maintenance services Durablity of doors and windows Work done by professionals Lubrication of rails and moving parts
Maintenance and changing of glass Changing damaged or worn out pieces Your pieces and architectural elements will be as good as new


At Fensteq, our work won’t finish with the hanging of our products, but also assures us that its functionality and duration will succeed expectations.

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