PVC is used in many different ways like to transport water safely, manufacture sterile equipment in the health field, or make insulation for the construction industry. However, in a society that tends to put a negative label on products that come from hydrocarbons, it is important to highlight the role that PVC is having towards a sustainable economy.

Its durability plays an essential role in this sense, since the use of PVC products reduce the demand for materials such as wood or metal. It also provides greater resistance to environmental factors by lengthening its replacement rate. PVC also has the virtue of being the plastic with the lowest use of hydrocarbons in its composition and is highly recyclable at the end of its useful life. In fact, it is  promoting better measures to ensure its entry into a circular economy every day.
The cost of production and investment required for projects are usually lower when using PVC, this coupled with its strength and durability results in its use in the development of social inclusion initiatives. A large percentage of PVC applications in the construction world, particularly in the case of doors and windows, help create spaces with smaller infiltrations of noise or temperature, contributing to energy savings and the quality of life of families.

At Fensteq we are very familiar with these benefits and therefore we use PVC to make the best doors and windows that are not only functional and showy, but also collaborate in the creation of a society more committed to the environment. Click here to learn more about our different options.

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