So much water goes into the pitcher…until it breaks, as goes the popular saying.

This is an undeniable reference to the natural wear and tear that occurs to things we use, no matter how careful we are. Although, it’s also true that with proper maintenance we can enjoy the things we have for a longer period of time.

In the business world, this is called extending our investment – which also involves allocating a portion of expenditure to be applied in preventive maintenance or in insurance. This ensures that goods that are acquired can be enjoyed at the very least for the planned amount of time, and ideally for even longer.

Naturally, doors and windows are prone to suffer some kind of deterioration consistent with their constant use, and the condition within which they fulfill their function. Of course, one of the most important the functions they play is in keeping us protected and comfortable. Therefore, consistent maintenance plans can help us to keep them in optimum condition.

Included in the advantages of applying preventive maintenance for doors and windows are:

  • Reduction of repair or maintenance costs.
  • Avoidance of problems and discomforts that a defect may imply.
  • Extension of product life.
  • Knowledge of conditions that generate a specific problem to avoid them in the future or mitigate their effects.

Regardless, approaching a specialist supplier for unforeseen repairs or maintenance plans ensure expert technicians as well as access to the best materials and original spare parts.

At Fensteq we have extended warranties of 5 and 10 years for your doors and windows, as well as maintenance plans and services available to make sure you can feel good about your investment, your security, and your comfort.

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