The construction industry in Mexico has grown considerably, above all in Mexico City, where it is becoming more and more common to find both residential and commercial developments in construction, as well as offices.

This growth, of course, makes it so that construction materials also increase, and the PVC is one such material that is benefiting.

PVC has been positioned as an important material in the construction industry for various reasons, from its versatility to its durability and strength, more and more elements in this industry are being manufactured with PVC.

This also includes elements such as doors and windows, that besides representing a connection of any place with the exterior, they also play an important role in the architectural theme to define the style of any building.

PVC doors and windows, such as the ones found in Fensteq, adapt to practically any style and cover everyone’s needs, because apart from ensuring the installation of a material that will look good and fit perfectly, people will appreciate the elements that last for decades and that practically require little to no maintenance.

Additionally, the constant improvement in the manufacturing of PVC has made it into a safe material and have taken away any doubts regarding this material.

PVC is a friendly material and highly important in the construction industry, and this includes a very important factor, the visibility. At Fensteq, you can find a broad range of PVC doors and windows, that will undoubtedly make your home, commercial space, or office, a place that will attract attention, provide you with security, and ensure durability.

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