Bathrooms have no reason not to be taken into account when thinking about showy finishes and functional aspects of your home. It is also one of the places where people can take time to appreciate architectural style and its contribution to the personality of the home.

Don’t hesitate to always choose the best materials and finishings so that your bathrooms look their best.


Elements such as tempered glass shower guards can be the best option when deciding how your bathroom will look. Besides providing highlighting to all areas, they are easy to clean and help maintain illumination.

“Glass is a material that will provide a feeling of spaciousness in any closed space, in addition to contributing to lighting.”


– Combines with any material to give more visibility

– Its installation is not complicated

– Glass does not go out of style, regardless of trends

– It works with any architectural style

Tempered Glass Shower Guards Give a spacious feel to your bathroom – which is ideal for small spaces Glass is not high cost and does not require a lot of maintenance Allow for natural lighting

Adapt to any architectural style


Glass is ideal for small spaces, and stands out in large bathrooms


Style depends on hardware and the accompanying material to the glass


Glass shower guards are a way to give your bathroom a luxurious and and showy finish. At Fensteq we have a variety of glass fittings that adapt to all styles, in addition to providing benefits of amplitude and luminosity.

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