The functionality of a mosquito screen goes beyond simply keeping mosquitoes out of your house; this kind of element can be very versatile and provide many more benefits than you can imagine.

Talking about a mosquito net is talking about much more than a simple material that keeps insects out of your home. A mosquito net is made as a solution that can bring many benefits to your home. For example, depending on what material you decide to use, they can contribute to the regulation of sunlight entering the home, as well as become an alternative to air conditioning.

Although the fabric effectively serves to prevent insects from entering your home, it can also help in days of intense sunlight, because they serve as natural ventilation in closed spaces and help save costs on temperature regulation.

In addition, Fensteq mosquito screens do not require great care or maintenance costs, so placing them represents a single investment in an element that will last for years.

“A mosquito screen can also help with ventilation and temperature regulation of closed spaces.”

These are the main benefits provided by installing a mosquito screen in your home:

-You will prevent insects from entering your house

-You can make better use of enclosed spaces

-You will give your home natural ventilation

-You can protect furniture, rugs, and textiles from the sun’s rays

-It will give you health benefits


Mosquito Screen One of the more versatile architectural elements for your home Doesn’t imply high installation or maintenance costs
  Can help improve and maintain family health Doesn’t just serve to keep insects and dust out of your home – it mas many more functions


As you can tell, the installation of mosquito screens in your home is a great decision to make – as they have various functions and will most definitely make your life easier.

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