Windows are an extremely important element in any building. Whether it be a house, an office, a workshop or any other kind of space, windows not only contribute to the visibility factor, but they also provide ventilation, passage for light and other things that make the space in question a functional building.

PVC windows have evolved significantly over the years, but so has their competitor: aluminum windows. Many people have been left wondering which of the two are best when choosing which material to use when installing windows.

At Fensteq we provide state-of –the-art German PVC windows, and we’re here to tell you why PVC is the ideal material to use when choosing windows:

1. Thermal insulation. Both materials have insulating characteristics, although aluminum requires a longer procedure and require more care in terms of maintenance. This is not the case with PVC, which is naturally a thermal material and does not require anything to maintain this quality.

Additionally, in terms of condensation, it is more difficult to get the glass not to fog up with climatic elements – while PVC is resistant to this naturally.

2. It is recyclable. 100% of PVC’s components are recyclable, which makes it a non-polluting material and therefore an attractive option in terms of sustainable construction – while aluminum windows have components are not so easily recycled.

3. Water resistance. When installing a window, the last thing we want is for water to be able to penetrate the seal and cause moisture build-up on walls. PVC provides greater water tightness than aluminum. The seals in the edges of aluminum metal can end up with holes (however tiny) which, with the passage of time, can allow for the entrance of water to become a problem.

4. Durability. Aluminum without a doubt has characteristics that make it a very strong and durable element, but it depends on certain climatic conditions for this characteristic to be infallible. In PVC’s case, it does not oxidize and it maintains its durability no matter where it is installed.

These are just some of the benefits of PVC as opposed to aluminum. At Fensteq we choose to use PVC windows in order to make your home a safer place and to take advantage of a material that will bring you more benefits in the long run.

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