Wood is one of the oldest building materials and architectural solutions used by man. Although, throughout history, new materials have emerged to give alternative options when it comes to construction and in some cases, serves as improvements over those materials that were previously used.

One of these materials is PVC, a product that over time has gone through several transformations that have resulted in its evolution into a safe and resistant material that is becoming increasingly popular in construction.

PVC doors and PVC windows and other products made with PVC have many advantages compared to wood materials. We’ve listed a few below:


PVC is a material that does not require essentially any maintenance to remain functional, where in contrast wood needs lots of care like varnishing to avoid losing its resistance and functionality.

Resistance to elements:

PVC is not damaged by sea salt, rainwater, or any other natural element, making it ideal for use in extreme weather. In the case of wood, a consistent coating of varnish and among other things is needed to preserve it in these types of environments.


Once PVC has taken on its final shape, it achieves a high level of resistance and maintains the same shape for decades. On the contrary, wood can yield to the elements and lose its structural strength.

Protection of the environment:

As a plastic polymer, PVC can be made from recycled materials, which contributes to environmental preservation. Wood, on the other hand, can hardly be reused and its use requires the falling of trees.

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