PVC is a polymer plastic that has quickly become one of the most versatile materials in many areas of daily life.

At first it was feared that PVC could have potentially harmful contaminating elements, but the development of technology has allowed this material to be modified to the point of making it safe for human beings, as well as developing many more uses and applications.

PVC is used in all kinds of different products such as:

  • Electronics: domestic and industrial wiring, tubes, plugs and more.
  • Automotive industry: Doors, panels, cables, upholstery and more.
  • Food: Packaged food and beverages.
  • Clothing: Some companies have created clothing made with special fibers from PVC bottles.

But it is in the construction sector that the use of PVC has become the most prominent. At Fensteq, for example, we use it in most of our products such doors, windows, and accessories.

One of the most attractive properties of PVC is that is a non-flammable material, this is to say: it does not burn unless in direct contact with fire, and once the fire is removed it ceases to burn. This is what has made PVC one of the most trustworthy materials in terms of safety.

Great flexibility and versatility make PVC a material virtually impossible to replace, and its durability extends for at least a decade.

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