We know that mosquito nets are elements that are becoming more important both in homes and offices.

The mosquito net is seen as the first “defense measure” so that a place is free of insects, while maintaining the freshness and ventilation of the place.

People buy a mosquito net with the intention of keeping away or out of place animals, dust and garbage, and at the same time maintain the ventilation in a natural way, without needing to place some type of air catalyst.

Mosquito nets can also sometimes be used as sunscreens, because depending on the material with which they are made, they can stop the natural light entering a place and keep the desired airflow to a certain extent

External agents such as the place where it will be installed or if there are animals or other agents that could have direct contact with the structure, must also be taken into account in order to avoid accidents and that the fabric in question deteriorates quickly, losing the functionality of the mosquito net.

That is why the choice of the type of mosquito net that you will have is not a subject that should be taken lightly, as it will depend a lot on the characteristics that you want to keep in the place in question, as well as the use you will give.

At Fensteq we have a large variety of PVC screens, which perfectly adapts to your needs, and will provide you with an important element in your home, office or other place, in addition to guaranteeing its durability.

Here we give you some options so that you can choose the mosquito net that best suits your tastes and needs.

Magnetic: This type of mosquito net is versatile, being able to be removed and placed easily, is very comfortable for homes where there are small children or pets, and need constant cleaning.

But the ability to remove and put on with ease does not imply that at some point it will fail, because the magnets used in the net are adaptable and made to measure, depending on the dimensions of the mosquito net.

Winding: We know that sometimes people hesitate to put a mosquito net, since many times (especially when used in garden doors or windows) can affect the external visibility.

In Fensteq we have materials that allow you to maintain the best visibility in any of your mosquito nets, but we also have a practical option for these themes, the roller blind.

These mosquito nets are ideal for doors that open constantly, as they also allow free passage through different places and its simple operation make it a lightweight element and ideal for all types of doors.

Pleated: This type of mosquito nets is also a good choice for places where sight is one of the main elements.

Its structure allows it to travel without complications and thus maintain the sensation of amplitude in the places where it is required, and its maintenance is very easy, since it only has a small rail, and its operation is equally simple.

Fixed: Of course, we can not fail to mention the traditional mosquito net, which, while perhaps not having other innovative functions, is effective to keep insects away and some of the dust, and once installed does not need more attention.

This type of mosquito net is practical, simple and very useful, and that is why despite the development that has existed in this type of products, it remains in force.

Learn more benefits and architectural solutions for the home with Fensteq.

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