The world population grows exponentially and because of this, new challenges are arising for the expansion of cities and urban centers.

At present it is very common to read about cities in different countries, even the some of the most developed, are struggling with issues such as traffic, pollution, and quality of life.

The planning of cities is a very important subject that most take for granted. These plans must anticipate various things such as functionality, transportation, flow of traffic, etc. so that people don’t have to spend too much time travelling and can preserve their quality of life.

A relatively new idea that has continues to gain popularity and has actually already undergone development in some places are vertical urban prototypes. These are large complexes with considerable height that not only include residential spaces, but also office space, open air spaces, and commercial establishments.

The main goal is to provide people with the opportunity to not have to move to far between home, work, and leisure. To some extent these complexes are “small towns” inside of a city itself. This concept may be difficult to digest to some at first, but these establishments are already functioning well in several places around the world.

These vertical complexes are built with the latest generation of materials, such as PVC – what Fensteq products are made with. PVC doors and PVC windows are being utilized more and more, because they are built with materials that fit any style of construction, ensure durability, and do not require major maintenance.

The planning of cities, and the discovery of solutions that make them a better place to live, has provoked an important architectural evolution in many ways, and this goes hand in hand with the evolution of materials that are used to give life to the ideas that are being born at the hands of incredible architects.

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