There is much to be said about PVC windows in the architectural world. The use of this type of window has been increasing substantially due to the benefits that this material provides in comparison to other materials such as wood, aluminium, etc.

Well, doors are no exception. Just as having PVC windows represents a great benefit for buildings, doors are also one of the great architectural solutions that should be placed in the home, office, and any other kind of space.

A door represents an entrance, either to the building itself or any sections within it. Of course, there are different types of doors that can be installed depending on the uses it will provide to the space in which it’s located.

A street door must have many different characteristics, but the most important is of course, is security and protection against the elements. A PVC door is the ideal door because its material ensures durability and will provide tranquility to the owner of the space in question, in addition to maintaining an ideal temperature.

Interior doors also have these characteristics, in addition to help give greater visibility with large glass, which also gives a feeling amplitude and allows for greater natural light to enter a space.

A Fensteq we have different types of PVC doors that adapt to the architectural requirements of any space, and will provide security, acoustic insulation, and temperature maintenance.

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