A house with large windows will always be a gorgeous home. They allow for bright lighting (even in the winter months) and make the areas of your home look larger.  Additionally, windows from Fensteq have anti-noise insulation that help keep your home peaceful as well as helping to conserve heat.

Window manufacturers are aware of the care needed to keep your windows functional and looking great, and while there isn’t a lot of effort required, it is important to consider the following points to keep them looking like new.  That’s why we have some tips to help keep your windows looking their best.

  1. To clean the frames you can use a mild soap mixed with a little water and a damp cloth.  You don’t need a lot of water to get the frame completely clean, just a good wipe down.
  2. We advise making sure your windows are cleaned once a week to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating, especially on the outside. There are many different liquid cleaners available on the market and is recommended to use them with a soft cloth to maintain the look of your glass.
  3. If you have sliding windows, we recommend periodically vacuuming the rails to prevent dust or other debris from accumulating which would prevent easy motion when opening and closing the windows.
  4. Finally, it’s a good idea to do a thorough cleaning every month. This prevents dirt or dust from accumulating on and around your windows so they always look clean and clear.

Learn more the benefits of architectural solutions for your home with Fensteq.

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