Life in cities has various pros and many cons. Living in a place where there are millions of people generates contamination problems and other factors that affect the lives of many people.

As difficult as it may seem, counting on efficient windows at home can indirectly contribute to improving quality of life and health for families. Why? A PVC window, such as the ones that we sell at Fensteq, can not only help to regulate the sunlight and keep water out on rainy days, but it can also contribute to keeping pollutants out of your home.

Above all, windows that overlook the street, well there is a lot of dust, trash, and other contaminants that cannot be seen at first glance, but that can favor the emergence of respiratory illnesses.

A window that has a good closing system will pollutants and your family can enjoy cleaner air in your home.

We also have to talk about the auditory contamination, because the rhythm of life in the cities, the traffic, and the amount of people generate a considerable amount of noise in the streets, which filters into the house and makes it a place where it isn’t so easy to feel calm and at peace.

Our windows have sound insulation which ensures that all of this noise will remain on the street and you will not have to worry about this factor once you are in your home. After a long day of work, people want to get home and feel at peace, and these kinds of solutions are certainly an important contribution towards making this happen.

It is difficult to change the day to day in cities, but you can change the way in which you will equip your home with the necessary elements to feel at ease in an urban oasis.

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